Kristina Irion is member of the independent expert group on Fundamental Rights Review of EU Data Collection Instruments and Programmes

The European Parliament requested by means of a Pilot Project the creation of an independent expert group to carry out a fundamental rights review of any existing EU legislation, instrument or agreement with third parties that involves the collection, retention, storage or transfer of personal data (“Fundamental rights review of EU data collection instruments and programmes”).

Kristina Irion is a member of the independent expert group together with Franziska Boehm, Steve Peers, Douwe Korff, Fernando Galindo, Leesly Broos, Tony Bunyan, Dorota Glowacka, Bilyana Petkova, Joanna Kulesza, Walter van Holst, Joe McNamee, Diego Naranjo (JUST/2015/RPPI/PR/RIGH/0218). The 2 year project will identify EU legislation which has a bearing on privacy and personal data protection. It will assess the need to align these specific data protection provisions with those of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Police Directive and make proposals to amend these acts.