Inaugural lecture Natali Helberger

On Friday 19 September 2014 at 16.00, Natali Helberger, appointed Professor of Information Law, will deliver her inaugural lecture at the Aula der Universiteit, Singel 411 in Amsterdam.

Media and users: towards a new balance

In the digital media environment user attention is scarce and competition for ‘eyeballs’ is fierce. Profiling and targeting users with customized news and advertisements is widely seen as a solution, and part of a larger trend to invest in what the New York Times has called ‘smart new strategies for growing our audience’. The shift from public information intermediary to personal information service creates new dynamics but also new imbalances in the relationship between the media and their users. In my inaugural speech I will state that to restore the balance, the media and regulators in Brussels and The Hague need to develop a vision of how to deal with issues such as media user privacy, editorial integrity and more generally ‘fair algorithmic media practices’."