Information Law Research Masters Student presents study at Council of Europe

On 20 June, Leon Trapman, a student on the Research Masters Information Law Programme, gave a presentation to the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI) in Strasbourg. Together with Tarlach McGonagle (IViR), he presented a research-driven project, ‘Audit of freedom of expression in the Netherlands’. The CDMSI has the task of steering the work of the Council of Europe on freedom of expression, media and internet governance.

Trapman’s presentation focused on a study that he co-authored with fellow research masters student, Geert Lokhorst, entitled Securing a favourable environment for journalists in the Netherlands. The study will form the basis for a forthcoming policy paper and recommendations.

More information about the project, which has received funding from the Democracy & Media Foundation, is available on the project’s webpage.