Law and Governance of Quantum Technologies

The research group on the Law and Governance of Quantum Technologies studies the legal implications of quantum technologies through the lens of questions about law and digital infrastructure. This includes the study of access to (quantum) computing, questions about (quantum) data governance, and questions at the intersection of quantum technologies with legal frameworks for innovation (intellectual property, in the broad sense, and standardisation). We also look at the international law and governance questions with respect to quantum technologies. This includes the perspective of trade, security, equitable development and technology transfer, as well as questions of strategic autonomy and the effect of technologies on democratic institutions and fundamental rights.

The research group is led by prof. dr. Joris V.J. van Hoboken and established at the Institute for Information Law, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam. The research group is a part of Action line 4 of the Quantum Delta NL ecosystem, on the Ethical, Legal And Societal Aspects of Quantum Technologies.

The research group is looking for 3 PhD researchers and a Postdoc researcher:

Closing date: 24 April 2023.