Vacancies for the Research Project ‘Public Values In The Algorithmic Society’ (algosoc)

Algosoc is looking for
13 PhDs and 4 postdoctoral researchers
to join their research team.

Algosoc is a program of ground-breaking research into the relationship between technology and society, investigating how we can ensure that automated decision-making systems (ADS) respect and realise public values and human rights.

This project is part of the Gravitation program Public Values in the Algorithmic Society (algosoc). The Gravitation program is an initiative by the Dutch government to support excellent research in the Netherlands. The funding is reserved for scientific consortia that have the potential to rank among the world’s best in their field. Algosoc is a response to the urgent need for an informed societal perspective on automated decision-making. Funded by the ministry for Education, Culture and Science for a period for 10 years, research in the algosoc program will develop a deep understanding of the systemic changes that automated decision making entail for core public institutions, for society, and for how public values are realized. The research will focus on three sectors: justice, health and media. The program brings together researchers in law, communication science, computer science, media studies, philosophy, public governance, STS, economy and social sciences from five Dutch universities (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg, Delft and Rotterdam). Together, the algosoc community will develop solutions for the design of governance frameworks needed to complement technology-driven initiatives in the algorithmic society.

There are two PhD positions available at the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam:

Deadline for both of these: 16 January 2023.

Please go to this website for all the other vacancies and for more information about the application procedure.