ILA Committee Intellectual Property and Private International Law

Van Eechoud is active member of the Committee on Intellectual Property and Private International Law of the International Law Association ILA. The Committee develops guidelines for jurisdiction, conflicts of law and recognition of foreign judgments for transborder intellectual property cases. Professor Toshiyuki Kono (Japan) is Chair, professors Pedro A de Miguel Asensio (Spain) and Axel Metzger (Germany) serve as co-rapporteurs. The Committee builds on the work of earlier groups. 

Van Eechoud was member of the  European Max Planck Group on Conflict of Laws in Intellectual Property (CLIP). CLIP is a group of scholars in the fields of intellectual property and private international law. It was established in 2004 and has regularly met to discuss issues of intellectual property, private international law and jurisdiction since then. The Group has drafted a set of principles on conflict of laws in intellectual property and tends to provide independent advice to European and national law makers.





van Eechoud, M.

Bridging the gap: Private international law principles for intellectual property law Journal Article

In: Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht (NIPR), no. 4, pp. 716-723, 2017.

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van Eechoud, M. M. M.

Conflict of Laws in Intellectual Property: The CLIP Principles and Commentary Book

Oxford University Press, 2013, ISBN: 9780199665082.

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