Olivia Salamanca


Guibault, L., Salamanca, O.

Remuneration of authors of books and scientific journals, translators, journalists and visual artists for the use of their works

2016, ISBN: 9789279541292, (Final report. A study prepared for the European Commission, DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology).

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Guibault, L., Salamanca, O., van Gompel, S.

Remuneration of authors and performers for the use of their works and the fixations of their performances


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Kannekens, E., Salamanca, O., van Eechoud, M.

ALAI 2015 Conference 'Renumeration for the Use of Works. Exclusivity vs. Other Approaches, National Report The Netherlands


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Salamanca, O., van Eechoud, M.

Open legal data for Europe


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