Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research
Working Group on Human Rights in the Digital Age

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has led to reduced (physical) access to university library collections, which is problematic for students working on research papers and theses. University libraries are making tremendous efforts to promote and enhance the availability of open-access and other digital content and resources. The Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research’s Working Group on Human Rights in the Digital Age is very pleased to launch its new #DigitalShelvesInitiative to supplement those efforts. In the coming period, we will curate reading lists for students working on topics within the scope of our Working Group’s areas of expertise and interest: freedom of expression, media and internet freedoms, privacy and data protection, artificial intelligence, intellectual property, etc. These curated lists will take the form of Digital Shelves. They will comprise academic (reference) works and research resources that are open access or otherwise freely available online, as well as selected works that are available through various universities’ institutional access schemes. The titles and resources will typically be in English, but occasionally also in Dutch and other languages.

Envisaged themes include: freedom of expression, media and internet freedoms; hate speech; internet intermediary liability; privacy and data protection, and more

Students are well able to navigate catalogues and databases to find suitable academic materials for their precise research focuses. The #DigitalShelvesInitiative is pitched at a more general level and aims to provide a breadth of perspective that will strengthen specific lines of research. It therefore emphasizes academic (reference) works, edited volumes offering a variety of perspectives and research resources, all of which are likely to have wider, general appeal.

We hope this will prove a useful initiative for our students and a broader community of researchers and teachers working on these topics.


About the Working Group
Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR) is a collaborative initiative among Dutch universities conducting research on human rights, especially Ph.D. candidates, but also including senior researchers. The Working Group on Human Rights in the Digital Age has two tracks, focusing on: 1) free expression and public debate in the digital age, and 2) protecting (data) privacy and other human rights in the age of Artificial Intelligence. The Working Group’s coordinators are Tarlach McGonagle and Anna Marieke Weerdmeester (Track 1) and Aviva de GrootJenneke Evers and Silvia de Conca (Track 2).