Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships with IViR

The MSCA European individual fellowships provide grants for up to 24 months academic mobility for
early career and advanced researchers and encourage transnational, intersectoral and interdisciplinary
research. These actions take a bottom-up approach, according to which the researcher in collaboration
with the host institution can propose an individual project. The deadline for applications is 14 September
The Institute for Information Law (IViR) is the oldest research institute within the Faculty of Law of the
University of Amsterdam. The institute’s mission is to further the development of information law into a
balanced framework that accommodates the needs and interests of the information society. Information
law is a normative concept that integrates the law relating to the production, distribution and use of
The institute is one of the largest research centres in the field of information law in the world. IViR has a
strong presence in European and international academic networks through a broad array of activities,
regularly engages in national and international research collaborations, and collaborates with non-legal
disciplines. IViR has a track-record of hosting MSCA fellows.
We invite interested candidates to submit an initial research idea that could be jointly developed into an
application under the MSCA European individual fellowships call. We welcome expressions of interest of
candidates from legal studies and other disciplines, who want to conduct inter- and multidisciplinary
research informed by information law, e.g. social sciences, in particular economics, digital humanities,
computer, network and data science, on:

  • Personalization of online media and services
  • Economics of behavioral advertisement
  • Algorithmic governance
  • Block chain technology and policy
  • Psychology of ownership in digital goods
  • National security, supervision and accountability

For further information and in order to submit initial research proposals, please contact:
Kristina Irion, Senior Researcher
Phone +31(0)20 525 3649


See the detailed call here: Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions