Presentation Martin Husovec on 21 November 2018

On Wednesday 21 November 2018Dr. Martin Husovec (Tilburg University) will visit IViR and give a presentation. Dr. Husovec is a leading expert on innovation and digital liberties, in particular, regulation of intellectual property and freedom of expression.

Dr. Husovec will give a presentation on selected issues addressed in his latest book
Injunctions against Intermediaries in the European Union: Accountable but Not Liable?, Cambridge University Press, November 2017.
The presentation will take place at 10.00 am in the IViR Room. You are all very welcome to attend.

Presentation abstract:
In the European Union, courts have been expanding the enforcement of intellectual property rights by employing injunctions to compel intermediaries to provide assistance, despite no allegation of wrongdoing against these parties. These prospective injunctions, designed to prevent future harm, thus hold parties accountable where no liability exists. Effectively a new type of regulatory tool, these injunctions are distinct from the conventional secondary liability in tort. At present, they can be observed in orders to compel website blocking, content filtering, or disconnection, but going forward, their use is potentially unlimited. This book outlines the paradigmatic shift this entails for the future of the Internet and analyzes the associated legal and economic opportunities and problems.