Europees recht

Margoni, T.; Quintais, J.; Schwemer, S.

Algorithmic propagation: do property rights in data increase bias in content moderation? Part I Tijdschriftartikel

In: Kluwer Copyright Blog, 2022.

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Please share nicely — From Database directive to Data (governance) acts Tijdschriftartikel

In: Kluwer Copyright Blog, 2021.

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Heks'nkaas or the "Fifty Shades of Taste" Explained by the CJEU through EU Copyright Law Tijdschriftartikel

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C.J. Angelopoulos

Sketching the outline of a ghost: the fair balance between copyright and fundamental rights in intermediary third party liability Tijdschriftartikel

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UK Horserace Betting Right: at odds with EU law? Diversen

2015, (

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Met Europese verdrag voor Mensenrechten is niets mis Periodiek


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